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La Guajira Project

Thanks to Origin Learning Fund we have been able to provide training and technology to teachers and more than 4.000 indigenous students.  

With your support, we will provide access to inclusive digital education for over 50.000 indigenous students across the Global South by 2022.

Chocó Project

Thanks to the Origin Learning Fund project teachers received training to create digital content through O-lab LMS and students from 11 to 13 years old were able to access tablets with the O-lab offline learning app to continue in education.

With your support, we will provide technology and training to teachers and students. We are expecting to reach more than 1.000 students every year in Choco, Colombia, who do not have access to digital education during COVID and beyond.

Pakistan Project

With the sponsorship of The Rockflower Foundation, Origin Learning Fund was able to provide training to teachers and access to the offline learning app O-lab to help 1.000 students in the Girls Model School continue and further their education.

Eighty-eight percent of South Asia’s school-age children have no internet access at home. With your support, we can reach more than 10.000 students across the country by 2022.

Nigeria Project

O-lab will be used as a tool to bridge the digital divide and empower youth in the 21st century skills they require to thrive during the post Covid-19 society.

We will train local teachers in digital tools and with the help of our partner organizations and universities, new courses to enhance social, economic, and research projects will be undertaken to better understand problems and solutions, so that O-lab may respond to each issue.

Estimated date to start: Feb 2022

Phillipines Project

O-lab is being used by the public school students who we call AHA scholars. AHA learning center is an organization that gives academic support. These students are from our main centers (Makati, Tondo, Batangas) who are on Elementary School and Highschool.

The project aims to provide quality education through text-based, App-based, printed marterials and radio modality.
O-lab can help us with the App-based platform of Aha to ensure that the lessons are delivered to the studetns without consuming too much data and resources from them. In addition to that, O-lab can help us ensuring that the students can get access easily to the Lesson resources whereever they are in the Ph.

South Africa Project

Mitchells Plain Primary School is situated in Mitchells Plain which is a township in Western Cape, South Africa.

The project will provide 100 learners at Mitchells Plain Primary School with the mobile Read to Rise app. The app will give the children access to books so that they can further improve their reading and comprehension skills while at home.

100 learners at Mitchells Plain Primary School will benefit from this project. The school is located in Westridge in Mitchells Plain which is in Cape Town, South Africa.