“I grew up in the Indigenous capital of Colombia, La Guajira, also home to one of the largest Afro-descendant and refugee communities, located in the northeastern point of South America and between the border of Venezuela. Unfortunately, this region is also recognized for its high levels of school dropouts and extreme poverty. Access to education has been my best ally and I believe that it is the best weapon to achieve the sustainable development of our communities.”

Tania Rosas


Learn how we’re working to support at-risk students around the globe. 

Our Mission

By training teachers, organizations and students from underrepresented communities, and providing digital tools adapted to their contexts, we are reducing the digital literacy divide and creating inclusivity in learning.

About Us

Origin Learning Fund is an NGO led by a community of young innovators coming from different backgrounds and regions worldwide. From Immigrants, Refugees, Indigenous and Afro Descendants leaders, we are committed to awakening the next generation of young leaders by working with partners to bring access to inclusive, empowering, and personalized digital education for all.

Our Team

The Origin Learning Fund team is dedicated to generate projects that provide access to education. We are people from different parts of the world committed to proposing a change by bringing access to education at vulnerable population.

How Does OLF Work?

We are a charity that supports efforts from other organizations to bring education and technology to vulnerable populations in need of educational support and training to thrive in society.

We provide a customizable educational platform called O-Lab App that serves as a management educational system and allows any organization to create courses to target any age group.

The App works offline and can reach students and teachers everywhere.

Transparency and Efficacy

Origin Learning fund is a charity that facilitates access to education for rural populations. We do so by making alliances with local organizations and obtaining donations to provide students with technology and resources. We show all of our finances so you know where your money is going. It is important to us that you know your contribution is being spent to make a difference in the life of at-risk students.

The life of a child at risk can take a different course with your help. By accessing the O-lab app a student will continue their training without barriers.

Every year we benefit more than 50.000 children and young people.

Learn about our allies and how we work together to make an impact. 

We hope to expand our o-lab tool to make an impact

to more than 100.000 children and young people in rural at-risk communities around the globe.

We have schools waiting for a sponsor to access digital education in:

Zambia, Nigeria, Colombia, Pakistan,  Uganda and Brazil.

We will not stop until we reach every vulnerable place.  Access to education for all.