Digital education for Nigeria

Thanks to ITU’s financial and mentoring support, as of April 2022, The Origin Learning Fund began exploratory activities to build key partnerships and achieve the main objectives to be achieved under the project.

The direct support from the United Nations will end on 15 November 2022, with the possibility of extension. Therefore,
we are therefore looking for a way to give continuity to the project and to ensure that the beneficiaries the project and ensure that the beneficiaries involved can continue to benefit from the benefit from and enhance the activities built during these months and enhance them.

The main objective of the project is to provide 2,000 vulnerable Nigerian youth (primary, secondary, out-of-school
secondary school students, out-of-school youth, unemployed youth, and young unemployed youth, young professionals) with the necessary digital the digital skills, tools and knowledge necessary to create social entrepreneurship and sustainable solutions based on community based on community needs.