Digital Education for Chocó


The Isaac Rodríguez Martinez Educational Institution created in 2013 is one of our allies in Colombia. Located in the northern part of the Quibdó municipality, this institution has four campuses with more than 1,357 students. 


Due to the lockdown during the pandemic, students were not able to continue their studies since they do not have access to the internet to continue their education virtually. 


With Origin Learning Fund, teachers received training to create digital content through O-Lab and learned how to monitor the process with our learning management system (LMS). We also provided tablets and access to O-Lab offline learning app, so students between the ages of 11 and 13 can continue their education without borders. 


We are expecting to reach more than 1.000 students every year in Chocó, Colombia and with your support we will provide them with the technology and training they need during COVID and beyond.