Support Conectando Territorios education program from Brazil

Conectando Territorios is are a travel agency founded in 2013 that brings education and connects people to Afro-Brazilian history, culture, traditional and urban communities, with the aim of creating dialogue, breaking stereotypes and prejudices. Thais leads guided tours in the Little Africa region of Rio de Janeiro and open discussions about the uncovered African slavery history of heritage sites, such as Valongo Wharf. She organizes international dialogue events connecting the African diaspora and different ethnic groups

The contact with the traditional Brazilian communities by the founder Thaís Rosa Pinheiro since adolescence and the involvement with Community Tourism in the Quilombola communities was the way for the company to emerge. Investigating Community Tourism since 2010 and during his Master’s Degree in Social Memory at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), investigating the quilombo community of Campinho da Independência in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, he realized the lack of information. on community tourism and the demand for this type of more conscious and sustainable tourism. Connecting Territories was born in 2013 with the purpose of connecting people with the culture of traditional Brazilian communities that are part of our history. This dream is only made possible through StartUpRio in association with Faperj and the Secretariat of Science and Technology that financed the project. Through the connection between visitors and visitors, communities feel empowered by showing their culture, keeping their history and memory alive, as well as contributing to the sustainability of the territory.