Bring Digital Education to Choco

The Isaac Rodríguez Martínez Educational Institution was created in 2013. located in the northern part of the municipality of Quibdó, in the department of Chocó, in the El Reposo N ° 2 neighborhood, a place where the vast majority of the population is highly vulnerable. It has 4 campuses: Reposo (main headquarters), Buenos Aires, Monserrate and Mis Esfuerzos, and has 1,357 students of which 850 belong to the main headquarters.

After the School closures due to the pandemic, students were not able to continue in education. Thanks to the Origin Learning Fund project teachers received training to create digital content through O-lab LMS and students from 11 to 13 years old were able to access tablets with the O-lab offline learning app to continue in education. With your support, we will provide technology and training to teachers and students. We are expecting to reach more than 1.000 students every year in Choco, Colombia, who do not have access to digital education during COVID and beyond.