Our Story

Origin Learning Fund Begins In La Guajira, Colombia

Understanding the story of people or communities to which we are strangers is not an easy task. The ability to put yourself in the situation that vulnerable social groups live in requires getting your hands dirty and going to the place where they live. However, and perhaps luckily, our story begins with muddy hands and a community we serve.

Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Tania Rosas, our founder, and leader grew up in a social environment where it is common to see children go to school less and less and have much more critical problems than solving their homework. We are referring to the social environment of La Guajira, a region in the north of Colombia where precariousness is palpable in all areas of life.

Tania was not untouched by struggle. The granddaughter of a woman who wanted to help change her community. Tania’s grandmother saw the lack of resources and turned her house into a school. This incident was Tania’s first approach to the transforming power of education, first hand. She saw her grandmother’s joint efforts to teach and thus contribute to improving the lives of children who came to her.

Origin Learning Fund was born from a student.

After a while, technology gave Tania Rosas the tools to reach further into the communities. Tania managed to consolidate an organization willing to cut the vicious circle between school dropouts and poverty.

Having competent and passionate men and women with the conviction to give everything they have to bring knowledge to the least visible places, and in turn, most vulnerable.

In 2015 Tania created Fundación El Origen as a proposal for a degree thesis, an NGO with the sole purpose of helping. Of course, there was still a long way to go to find a way to make people outside this story feel part of it, but innovation allowed us to bring together communities that never before would have been thought could be together.

Origin learning Fund continues its efforts.

By creating strategic alliances and the development of the O-Lab application, it has been possible for our story to reach the places where transformative actions come from. Proof of this shows that thousands of children and young people have learned to read and write with our application, or the success story of a young woman to whom we provided support networks and were able to sell her products in the United States.

Our story continues, and as time passes by, we can link the stories of others and how they can achieve their dreams. Each time we can see the impact of bringing knowledge to the least visible places, and in some way, we are living under our guiding principle, access to education for all.

Our story is a mixture of stories. From the accounts of our collaborators to the people we have helped, from our teammates, Tania, her grandmother, to those who make the world a little fairer. 

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