What is a NGO?

Why do you say NGO?
An NGO is short for non-governmental organization.
What is the meaning of the word NGO?
The acronym of NGO is the abbreviation of non-governmental organizations, entities with a social or humanitarian purpose, therefore they do not seek resources to profit, but to help those most in need. This means that they do not generate profits and there are no shareholders.
What is the role of non-governmental organizations?
The function of these kinds of organizations in society is to alleviate suffering, promote and boost the capacities of the most vulnerable communities, provide timely protection to the environment and provide continuity to fundamental social services, which in turn make possible the development of a specific community.
What types of NGO’s are there?
We can make a classification of NGO ‘s according to the role they play in a community, that is, to the orientation of the actions that this organization carries out, hence we find four types of NGO’ s: 1. Charity NGO ‘s or charity, 2. participatory NGO’s, 3. defense NGO’s and 4. service NGO’s.
Activities carried out by NGOs

• Guarantee the application of international humanitarian treaties.
• Promotion and denunciation of human rights abuses.
• Promotion of social housing.
• Promotion of humanitarian aid.
• Timely and effective protection of the environment.
• Cooperation for the development of human capacities.
• Help children through education and basic subsistence conditions.
How are non-governmental organizations distinguished?
A non-governmental organization (NGO) is distinguished by being a private institution that, through its constitutive rules, intends to distribute the resources it acquires, in such a way that there is no particular benefit and the correct diligence of the resources can be appreciated in the realization of the organization’s objectives.
How do the four types of NGO’s work?
• Development NGO (ONGD): Organization in charge of carrying out activities related to the principles and objectives of international cooperation for human development.
• Social Action NGO: Organization willing to carry out activities related to social services, such as education or the reduction of gender gaps.
• NGO for Human Rights (and Peace): Organization focused on developing actions for the defense of Human Rights, managing to expose violations of any kind and contributing to peace.
• Environmental NGO: Organization that restores the problems that human beings have caused in nature, either through activities that make society’s impact on the environment more sustainable, or through pedagogy that makes people more aware. future generations.
Why do NGOs exist?
The NGOs exist to serve a general objective, to help the population. To achieve this aid, various fronts are attended to on an ongoing basis, such as education, nature conservation, reducing hunger, making crimes against humanity visible, and defending and creating environments where there is peace.
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