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O-lab: From Colombia to Nigeria

Origin Learning Fund became an international reality during the pandemic. O-lab’s adaptability to any context, content, language, plus its accessibility features such as offline use in low-tech devices, have permitted us to reach out to those unrepresented communities cut off from educational and professional opportunities due to lack of resources and connectivity. The International Telecommunications Union was the first to believe in our potential in Africa, and from April 2022 we are active in Nigeria. Our goal in the country  is to facilitate access to quality education for 2000 at-risk youth through O-lab and build their social entrepreneurship skills to cope with community issues. 

In September we achieved some key objectives:

  • Collaboration with 13 primary and secondary schools across Abuja, Enugu, Adamawa, and Kaduna
  • Digitized on O-lab 4 courses of our partners for beneficiaries: 
    • Leadership Development
    • Environmental Responsibility
    • Peace & Conflict Management
    • Digital Literacy Awareness
  • Delivered 20 tablets among our partners and schools

Click here to support us to get more devices in Nigeria, organize a mid-project event and to reach as many girls and boys as possible by the end of 2022

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