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Today we want you to meet Rosemary, or Ros as she prefers. Growing up in an indigenous Wayuu community in La Guajira, Colombia, a few kilometers from Venezuela, she was a direct participant in one of our programmes when she was adolescent.

Today, Ros is 20 years old and is a project assistant for Origin Learning Fund and between her field coordination duties she translates our social entrepreneurship and STEAM laboratories on our O-lab platform from Spanish into the indigenous Wayuu idiom. O-lab works on every low-cost device and also offline, adapting to every language and dialect worldwide.

For Ros, it not only means making our digital labs more accessible and inclusive for her peers, but it also means rediscovering Wayuu and enriching the vocabulary with new terms related to sustainability and youth empowerment. 

Ros also represents for her peers a spirit of emancipation that allowed her to follow love and row against a controversial tradition. A Wayuu custom that can lead young girls to early marriages and child births and prevent independent and professional growth. 

Ros is part of the 500 girls in La Guajira that Origin Learning Fund is supporting through a project sponsored by the Obama Foundation and the Girls Opportunity Alliance. The initiative, named “Get Her There”, will provide 500 indigenous and migrant young women and girls from La Guajira with access to quality, digital, STEAM education, the tools and tailored mentorship to develop social entrepreneurship and sustainable solutions for community issues.

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