How Does OLF Help Children

When I first heard of the Fundación El Origen I was immediately in love with the program and their cause. I visited their website and the following phrase resonated with me “We all have the right to education, progress and a better quality of life, present and future.”  I felt like this is such a basic but powerful statement that goes without saying, right? Wrong! Sometimes we have to be reminded that these rudimentary rights are not always feasible and there are barriers that prevent “us” from being great. Children are the underrepresented population of us; if there isn’t someone to advocate for them who will? Their innocence prevents them from knowing what they need and how to obtain these basic necessities. 

Now more than ever do we need human rights advocates due to the unprecedented nature of the pandemic.  It has caused schools to either shutdown or operate remotely. My daughters are currently attending virtual classes and they are so fortunate to have their school provide them with laptops. If that wasn’t the case, I am not sure what I would do. We need to invest in our children which in essence is investing in our future. Tomorrow may not be promised, but we will be doing the world a disservice if education is not capitalized upon. We are living in a digital age where I feel like almost anything can be accomplished via technology. However, how do you help those who neither have access to said technology nor the internet? The development of the educational application O-lab that can be used offline is brilliant. 

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