Fundraising tips

If you are starting an organization or want to carry out some kind of humanitarian campaign, here are some of our tips to avoid running out of funds and to continue to help.

  1. Be as clear as possible with the purposes of your organization.
  2. Show what makes your initiative different, what would make someone donate something to you and not to other people.
  3. Have an interdisciplinary work team, do not limit yourself to what you know or what you have always been surrounded by, be innovative and surround yourself with a heterogeneous and inclusive group.
  4. Pay special attention to the mistakes you have made, many of these will be the foundation on which you will build success.
  5. Try to create support networks with other organizations and institutions, teamwork makes a difference in great results.
  6. Have people who speak several languages in your work team, many opportunities tend to be far from where we come from.
  7. Recognize the achievements of your work team, that will make them boost and feel more and more passion for the organization.

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