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  • Digitize your content without complications
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  • Measure the real impact of your projects
  • Adaptable, available and tailored to your needs

What Make Us Special

Adaptable, available, and tailored to your needs

You can customize O-lab courses to create specific content for universities, schools, companies and more.

Intuitive Platform

Manage it yourself and on your own time. Includes animations, images, audios, templates, and multiple styles for any task. Upload Word, PDF, MP3, GIF files.


Website Chat

From the web version of O-lab you can communicate with your tutor or trainee, easily and immediately, so you will never be left in doubt.

Online / Offline

Reach every corner of the planet. Adaptable to any needs and achievable for any goals.

Apprenticeship enrollment

Through O-lab you will be able to enroll your trainees in the courses you are developing. You do not have to limit the number of trainees, nor do you have to contact technical support. You can unsubscribe or add to the list of those you want to learn with you.

Phone / Tablet / Web

Responsive, lightweight and compatible with Android devices from version 6.0 onwards.

Virtual Guide

Teaches at a distance, stimulates skills, competencies and creates unique experiences for self-learning.

Report and Follow-up

Track the progress of your trainees at all times. Generate and download impact reports with measurable indicators.

O-lab is for all

Adaptable for all ages, environments, organizations, and all types of media. Fit it to your corporate image!

Active support

Talk to us whenever you need to. Direct contact with the technical team will be available by email, phone, or chat.


Create lessons, test and more!

Use customizable templates to create interactive content in minutes.

Request Demo or personalized quoted

Who can use O-lab?

Universities, NGOs and Private Schools

O-lab makes it possible for any institution to create and manage a complementary education focused on transversal skills that are necessary for the 21st century market; in addition, traditional knowledge such as the subjects of a school or university, along with high quality digital mentors.

Companies and Educational Entities

With O-lab you can design, customize and more. A simple and effective solution for problems within one area of an institution and even for an entire community. Professional training in any field of knowledge and in transversal skills, while having access to metric and strategic lists that show the performance of the people who use O-lab in your entity.

Rural Schools and Organizations

Through donations and sponsors, O-lab licenses reach vulnerable social groups around the world, enabling the development of those who learn with us and allowing teachers, students and members of a community to be trained in high-quality digital education.

O-Lab Licenses

There are multiple licenses that can be purchased depending on the needs of each project you want to work on.

(Schools, organizations, institutions, public or private companies, and more.)

FAQ about O-Lab


What is O-lab?

O-lab is a Learning Management System and web and mobile app that you can customize to make your educational projects digitally accesible and inclusive for your target groups

How does it work?

O-lab works with modules, some with a purely academic focus and others that specialize in the skills necessary to be competent in the 21st century.

Does O-lab work with or without internet connection?

It can work both ways, taking into account the actual context where the users who have access to the educational resources you can create are located, as well as the vulnerable conditions. O-lab app for Android can work Online/Offline, allowing you to navigate the interface in the mode that facilitates you while O-lab Web allows you to access additional resources with your same username and password with connectivity, from any browser, computer or mobile device.

Who can O-lab serve?

Our LMS platform is ideal for NGOs, companies, universities, public and/or private schools and colleges, associations, public entities and in general any organization, person or social movement that wants to provide training 100% Online/Offline, blended learning or even use the tool to support classroom training.

O-lab is for all

O-lab is not only for communities that we want to help. We may want to help many people, but at the same time we want to be a benchmark for interdisciplinary and job training. Institutions around the world invest enormous amounts of money and time in the creation of platforms to educate their lerners. Unfortunately, many of these platforms do not meet the needs for which they were created and generate huge economic losses for the companies that created them. Unfortunately, many of these platforms do not meet the needs for which they were created and generate huge economic losses for the companies that created them.

That’s where Olab comes in to make a difference, because our platform is adaptable to any type of business, institution or company, saving time and money in the creation of a new platform.

You can also be sure that Olab will not be seen with the image of El Origen, you can adapt Olab to your institutional colors, mission, and specific purposes.

I want to see how O-lab works from de inside

We invite you to contact us and request a free demo, where you can appreciate the quality of our platform and the list of institutions that have trusted us.

What is an LMS platform?

It is a learning space that allows us to create a virtual classroom to generate educational resources over the Internet. Using technology in favor of education is a great advantage, not only for educational institutions but also for all types of organizations. O-lab allows the virtual environment to serve as an enabling environment for teaching and learning.

Do O-lab licenses include income taxes?

The values of each license are net and do not include income taxes, which may vary depending on the country where you are located and/or decide to take your courses with O-lab.

How much space do I need on my computer to install the O-lab Content Management and Creation Platform?

That’s the best part, you don’t need to install anything! Our LMS platform is hosted in the cloud, secure, fast and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You just access the link that we will provide you from any web browser and you are ready to create your courses in minutes and without complications.

How does Fundación El Origen perceive its achievements in economic and community terms?

The El Origen Foundation, owner and creator of O-lab, is a non-profit organization that yearns to improve the world through education, so any financial gain it receives is immediately passed on to facilitate new O-lab licenses for vulnerable communities around the world. In this way, the growth of O-lab is proof of the impact that El Origen Foundation is having around the world, solely and exclusively to help children, youth and even adults with access to quality digital education.

What else does O-lab have?

Our platform has the following tools:

Olab content management platform
Olab app / web
Olab automatic impact reports

Each of these tools are connected to the other and its function depends on the needs that each institution has.

In addition to these three components that make innovation in training and education possible, we have mentors who contribute to the development of each of the individuals who use Olab.

I do not clearly understand what you mean by licenses

We first invite you to communicate with our personal area staff, however we can share a brief explanation on the functioning of licenses.

When you purchase a license, you can customize OLAB based on the needs of your institution, by providing tools to teach your lerners almost anything. The licenses end upon expiration time and must be renewed, considering that this option is much cheaper than having a platform of its own.

Also by purchasing a license for yourself, you are helping us take Olab to places that need it. With your investment we build quality education in those communities that do not have the resources to buy a license like ours.

Therefore, the use of O-lab in your institution, in addition to generating significant cost reductions, is also helping underserved communities around the world.

Our mission is to provide education to all

Through O-lab, Origin Learning Fund breaks down the physical, social and economic barriers that prevent entire communities from studying.

If you acquire your license you will be…

Provided digital, offline, and high-quality education for marginalized social groups, which after training with us will break down all cycles of poverty and create paths to make their dreams closer.

Digital education

Although face-to-face classes are gradually returning around the world, digital education has proven to be efficient by overcoming many of the difficulties that traditional education has not. For this reason, O-lab is one of the best tools that any institution could have, as it makes it possible for lerners, students, company directors, and anyone to be able to train in the essential skills to be competitive in the 21st century market.

Origin Learning Fund does not perceive its achievements in economic terms, but in terms of community development

Origin Learning Fund, owner and creator of O-lab is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the world through education. Any form of economic gain that is received, immediately goes to new O-lab licenses for vulnerable communities. In this way, the growth of O-lab is proof of the impact that Origin Learning Fund is making throughout the world, uniquely and exclusively to help those most in need.

How many courses can I create with O-lab?

Our LMS platform has no limits for creating courses, nor for administrators, teachers or trainers to create them directly. In fact, with our commercial licenses with unique values you pay for the number of active users, which include a storage capacity on the server according to your needs. Made to measure!

Can I try O-lab before buying a license?

Of course you can! Our business model is based on long term relationships, so we love that you can even try the whole kit, where you can see if it is really what you need for your projects. Contact us to talk with you in more detail and get access to a demo at no additional cost.

What does the O-lab digital toolkit contain?

O-lab is so inclusive that it facilitates not only the training of apprentices, but also the educational work of teachers, trainers, tutors and anyone who needs to create and customize their courses in minutes. The kit includes access to O-lab app/mobile version that you can download from Google Play for Android, access to O-lab Web version from any device (computer, tablet or mobile), with a web browser and Internet connection and access to the Content Management and Creation Platform to create your custom courses and enable them to your trainees.

Get involved!

O-lab has been developed by Origin Learning Fund. We are a non-profit organization with a mission to provide access to digital education for all. By acquiring a license, all proceeds are used so that vulnerable schools and communities can access digital education for free.