O-lab: Our customizable, offline Learning Management System. 

O-Lab is a Learning Management System (LMS) that can be leveraged by schools, organizations, and companies to deliver customized education and learning programs. 

What Make Us Special

Adaptable, available, and tailored to your needs

You can customize O-lab courses to create specific content for universities, schools, companies and more.

Intuitive Platform

Manage it yourself and on your own time. Includes animations, images, audios, templates, and multiple styles for any task. Upload Word, PDF, MP3, GIF files.


Website Chat

From the web version of O-lab you can communicate with your tutor or trainee, easily and immediately, so you will never be left in doubt.

Online / Offline

Reach every corner of the planet. Adaptable to any needs and achievable for any goals.

Apprenticeship enrollment

Through O-lab you will be able to enroll your trainees in the courses you are developing. You do not have to limit the number of trainees, nor do you have to contact technical support. You can unsubscribe or add to the list of those you want to learn with you.

Phone / Tablet / Web

Responsive, lightweight and compatible with Android devices from version 6.0 onwards.

Virtual Guide

Teaches at a distance, stimulates skills, competencies and creates unique experiences for self-learning.

Report and Follow-up

Track the progress of your trainees at all times. Generate and download impact reports with measurable indicators.

O-lab is for all

Adaptable for all ages, environments, organizations, and all types of media. Fit it to your corporate image!

Active support

Talk to us whenever you need to. Direct contact with the technical team will be available by email, phone, or chat.


Create lessons, test and more!

Use customizable templates to create interactive content in minutes.

Who can use O-lab?

Universities, NGOs and Private Schools

O-lab makes it possible for any institution to create and manage a complementary education focused on transversal skills that are necessary for the 21st century market; in addition, traditional knowledge such as the subjects of a school or university, along with high quality digital mentors.

Companies and Educational Entities

With O-lab you can design, customize and more. A simple and effective solution for problems within one area of an institution and even for an entire community. Professional training in any field of knowledge and in transversal skills, while having access to metric and strategic lists that show the performance of the people who use O-lab in your entity.

Rural Schools and Organizations

Through donations and sponsors, O-lab licenses reach vulnerable social groups around the world, enabling the development of those who learn with us and allowing teachers, students and members of a community to be trained in high-quality digital education.

O-Lab Licenses

There are multiple licenses that can be purchased depending on the needs of each project you want to work on.

(Schools, organizations, institutions, public or private companies, and more.)

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