Corporate volunteering is a two-pronged activity. Companies develop their social responsibility strategies and at the same time human talent strategies.

At Origin Learning Fund, we support our allies to develop these activities by guiding them into a journey to empower the most underrepresented with the skills to succeed and lead sustainable communities both online and offline.


Virtual Projects

Engage employees in giving back and supporting causes they care about through virtual volunteer opportunities where your team and underrepresented communities can learn and co-create projects for the SDGs that can be delivered, tracked, and measured through our Social Projects Management System O-lab.

Blended Projects

Enjoy a blended experience where you can create long-lasting projects with communities worldwide and have the opportunity to visit anytime, so you can experience in real-time the impact you have created.

Customizable Projects

We are flexible:

Share with us what your expectations are, and we will make it happen!


Engage your employees in a unique corporate volunteering experience that will change their lives and the lives of thousands of children and youth from underrepresented communities across the world.

100% of the proceeds go to provide access to digital learning tools for low-income schools worldwide and young people who have not been able to develop 21st-century skills to succeed in this modern economy. Let’s bridge the gap together!