How Can You Help?

Origin Learning Fund helps at-risk students in remote areas worldwide access technology and quality educational training courses developed by partner organizations.

We are on a mission to provide access to digital education for all and you can be part of it!

Here are some ways you can partner with us:

Create a project with us

Sponsor a school or a community

Make an open donation

Use O-lab for your projects

Create a Project with Us

Do you have a social or educational project in any part of the world that would like to make digitally accesible with O-lab? let’s work together!

    Sponsor a School or a Community

    Sponsor a school or community from any part of the world that you would like to impact! We will provide training and digital tools to ensure no one is left behind.

    Make an Open Donation

    The Origin Learning Fund is working with organizations and schools around the world and some of them need your help to get acces to digital education projects .

    Choose the project you want to donate.

    Use O-lab for your Projects

    O-lab is a LMS and web & mobile app that can be customized to your social projects and brand. Your own personalized learning app!. By acquiring a license you are helping us to make digital education free and accessible for the most vulnerable groups.

    Schools, Corporations, Organizations

    OLF is an NGO with the goal of eradicating educational inequalities globally for the most underserved communities. To do this, we partner with corporations, organizations and institutions to ensure inclusive and accessible education for everyone, as well as to digitally bring any social/educational projects to life.

    Let’s build a future together, where no one is left behind!

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