Bring Digital Education to Nigeria

For this project, Origin Learning Fund is partnering with the Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation in Nigeria to equip 10,000 at-risk youth (more than 70% young women) with the skills and tools to create entrepreneurship solutions based on community needs.

O-lab will be used as a tool to bridge the digital divide and empower youth in the 21st century skills they require to thrive during the post Covid-19 society. We will train local teachers in digital tools and with the help of our partner organizations and universities, new courses to enhance social, economic, and research projects will be undertaken to better understand problems and solutions, so that O-lab may respond to each issue. In addition, O-lab will provide indispensable information to local organizations and schools so they may improve their pedagogical approach. O-lab ensures learning does not stop in the most vulnerable communities because our solutions improve inclusivity, sustainability, and digital literacy for those who have limited access to technology.

Estimate date to start: Feb 2022

For this project we are looking for a Project Leader. If you are interested in joining our team, click this direct link to apply. I want to be a Project Leader.