Support Edusort education program from Nigeria

Edusort is committed to ending educational inequity in Africa through our STEM teachers training/ curriculum building, setting up of STEM laboratories in schools and globalizing our classrooms, by facilitating collaboration classes between Nigeria students and students from other parts of the world.   

We are inspiring individuals to stand out and achieve success in our modern day workforce, for this reason we require students to develop 21st century skills: 

  • These include critical thinking. 
  • problem solving. 
  • creativity.
  • collaboration.
  • communication. 
  • and technology innovation. 


  1. Project Edufix: Over 75 public school teachers have been impacted with 21st-century skills for the future of work and post COVID-19 on our online teacher training platform. Teachers from over 70 public primary schools are working on STEM projects to solve social problems in their communities. 
  2. Project Help Them Cross: We provided full scholarship for 6 learners in Roman Catholic mission primary school, Ayetoro from their present classes till the finish their primary education.
  3. Edufix school Tour: Provide learning opportunities for learners from low income communities, providing them free learning packets during the closure of school.

The organization was founded in December 2018 and registered as a corporate organization in August 2019.