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Lola’s NFTs collections have been made by Origin Learning Fund with the goal to invest in the future of young people from underrepresented communities worldwide, that have encountered a large gap in information technology, digital skills, and quality education, thus rendering a vast majority of young graduates jobless.

By investing in this NFT collection, you will provide access to digital kits for at-risk youth and low-income schools worldwide; and you will earn membership for our club where you would get gifts from our beneficiaries, updates on your impact, and visits to the impacted communities worldwide.

Invest in the future with us!


March 2022

  • Launching “Lola Digital Education for All” first collection 
  • First batch of 30 NFTs (low price for first investors)

April 2022

  • Launching O-lab series, a semi-animated interactive series starring Leaders worldwide where you will get the chance to learn how to change the world from home and at the same time how to be in the spotlight with grants, awards, fellowships & scholarship opportunities, and a large community of leaders that will rock your world.

May 2022

  • Shipping “Digital Education for All” packages to low-income schools and young people worldwide with your name signed on behalf of your investment.

Jun 2022

  • Launching second batch of 40 NFTs
  • Prize pool funding
  • Celebrity & brands collabs.

July 2022

  • Prize pool Giveaway (you would have the chance to travel to a community across the world impacted by your investment and live a unique experience that will change your life forever) photos of your experience and merch will be provided as well for winners.
  • Follow up reports on your investment. 

August 2022  and beyond

  • Launching third batch of 30 NFTs
  • Private metaverse events
  • “Digital education for all” kits delivered worldwide
  • Episodes of O-lab series and interactions with Leaders worldwide
  • Merch and giveaways
  • Impact and unique experiences that will change the lives of millions of young people from underrepresented communities worldwide. 


NFTs stands for Non-fungible tokens, they are pieces of digital content linked to the blockchain. An NFT is created, or “minted” from digital objects, including art, GIFs, avatars, even tweets count. We have created our own NFT collection for a special cause which also counts

Investing in NFTs has become very popular, especially among young people, because each NFT comes with an unique digital certificate of ownership, which can be sold or bought online when the market value of those NFT assets increases.

With your purchase of our NFT a digital education kit will be provided on your behalf to equip students with technology, training, and our LMS & offline learning app O-lab filled with complementary, vocational, and STEAM courses co-created with local teachers and institutions worldwide.

Each NFT represents a specific person/school/community waiting for our #digitaleducationforall kit.

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