Bring Digital Education to Phillipines

The AHA! Learning Center is an award-winning NGO that hopes to give those who have the least in life, the best in education. AHA has been a pandemic innovator, reaching around 300-400 student that are members of three AHA main centers, reaching students from public school through our partnership with 36 schools division offices, and a training ground for public school teachers and parents to be learning facillitators.

The O-lab is being used by the public school students who we call AHA scholars. AHA learning center is an organization that gives academic support. These students are from our main centers (Makati, Tondo, Batangas) who are on Elementary School and Highschool.

The project aims to provide quality education through text-based, App-based, printed marterials and radio modality.
O-lab can help us with the App-based platform of Aha to ensure that the lessons are delivered to the studetns without consuming too much data and resources from them. In addition to that, O-lab can help us ensuring that the students can get access easily to the Lesson resources whereever they are in the Ph.

We would like to impact 400-500 students in the AHA main centers (Makati, Tondo, Batangas) next year.

Start date: September- October 2022.